Answers to your questions

What is Made Place?

Made Place is a one stop platform, a meeting point between fashion brands, large retailers and manufacturers. The platform aims to reduce distances, make communication simple to find partnerships that improve the business of brands and manufacturers.

If you are a brand you can find producers all over the world and in line with your needs. You can request personalized and confidential quotes. Zero commission costs.
If you are a manufacturer you can count on worldwide visibility by offering your products and you can receive orders at any time.
Your business, your timing and your results will be followed by our team who will be able to offer you the most suitable partners for your goals.

Made Place wants to give transparency and security to its partners and makes a selection of both brands and producers.
The brands are selected on the basis of the guarantee and ability to be able to support every single order and respect the agreements stipulated.
The producers are selected on the basis of production capacities, compliance with the required delivery and quality assurance of the final product. Sensitivity to sustainability and respect for workers is also very important.

Once the form has been filled in with the information of each individual company, both brands and manufacturers, the dedicated team will carry out in-depth checks for each applicant and, if necessary, will contact the company for more information. Only after meeting the criteria required by Made Place will the profile request be accepted.

We offer a year’s free trial of Made Place services to brands, at the end of the first year there is an annual subscription fee that allows the platform provide more services (to our clients).
Manufacturers have the possibility to choose between 3 annual subscriptions to satisfy their requirements:
• Standard
• Medium
• Plus

The only cost is the subscription, all the services offered (personalized showcase, profile page, commercial support, order acquisition support) are included in your subscription.

Requests for special and personalized services, will be evaluated at the time of the request