Made Place is an innovative platform that aims to become the meeting point for fashion brands and manufacturers, making both production and procurement simple and accessible, offering global visibility.

With Made Place brands can find their products confidentially and transparently. Through personalized profiles, both brands and producers can communicate directly.

The one stop platform offers an efficient solution for both Partners.

We select partners – producers

Based on the characteristics and business of the brands, we select the most suitable partners – producers based on their production capabilities, to start a solid partnership relationship.

The platform, in addition to streamlining the meeting process, allows you to reduce costs such as rising broker commission.

Our specialists will follow and support you in various areas of expertise: from Web Content to the choice of suppliers and developers. You will be assisted throughout the process: from order to delivery.

By creating your profile on Made Place you will create global visibility for your company and will receive information on the Partners you have selected.

Made Place strongly believes in sustainability and respect for workers. For this reason, both companies and manufacturers present on the platform are screened before selection.